Compass Group India has created the most comprehensive nutritional database in India – covering ingredient level, macro, and micronutrient data for all our dishes and menus, including information about allergens.

Compass Group India’s new healthcare-specific capability is based on a unique and powerful body of research on nutritional science and enables us to drive differentiation and relevance based on three critical outcomes: first, improved nutrition and wellbeing through a better understanding of patient-specific macro and micro-level nutritional needs; and second, designing menus by dish, meal, and daypart. Second, improving patient experience (along with attendants, staff, doctors, and visitors) through exciting and enhanced food choices and an easy-to-use digital app for ordering, payment, and transactional level real-time feedback. The third is around excellence in safety and service operations, which brings responsible sourcing and technology-enabled service delivery in a manner fully transparent to our clients.

Commenting on the ever-evolving demands and expectations from the healthcare sector, Pariksha Rao, Nutrition Consultant says “Food plays a very important role in the recovery process of a patient, not just nutritionally but also keeping in mind the feel-good factor psychologically. Having said that, with Compass Group’s proprietary nutrition data, for the first time in India dieticians will be able to work towards centralized menu planning more efficiently by dish, meal, and daypart. It will enable them to provide improved integrative care with an in-depth understanding of each patient’s taxonomy of macro and micro nutrition.