Food Service Solution

From patients and staff to guests, Medirest offers services aimed at improving patient experience, staff wellness and guest satisfaction. We specialize in healthcare foodservice and that allows us to drive consistent results, easier implementation, increased savings, and improved outcomes.
















Reimagined Patient Experience

Our food program offers enhanced food choices for IPD & in-room dining patients with menus that are focused on three broad categories – nurture & care, comfort food that are deeply nostalgic and familiar and responsible indulgence. We feel this increased variety and choice will make patients feel more in control of their wellbeing and improve their emotional state during their stay.

Enhanced Food experience for Attendants

In a highly stressful environment, the attendants and guests need comforting experiences. Our food solution for them ensures greater variety and food choice keeping their needs in mind thus offering easy discovery, ordering and payment. Real time availability of transaction level feedback data enables rapid modification and improvement in menu design or any other relevant aspect of service delivery.































Enriched Staff Food Experience

For a team always on tenterhooks, food time is their only their opportunity to reset, both in terms of nutritional re-fuelling and emotional rejuvenation. Our food services for the hospital staff ensures holistic enrichment keeping their unique needs in mind within the least possible time.