Patient Food Solution - Reimagined

The Patients We Serve

At Medirest, we believe we play an important role in your mission to provide the highest quality food and safest care to your patients. It’s a difficult time for them. We are committed to doing anything we can to make their stay better and give them a sense of empowerment. Our Patient Food experience revolves around the integrated aspect of “Happy Experiences”, enabled by

  • An in-depth understanding of the patient’s nutritional needs. Using our research and proprietary database, we design specific menus depending on the ideal macro and micro nutritional needs of the patients including procedure specific diets.
  • Our nutritional guidance platform that empowers your dieticians to provide customized and effective meal recommendations
  • Greater variety and food choice for patients designed keeping their need in mind
  • Easy discovery, ordering and payment
  • Real time availability of transaction level feedback data to enable improvement

Patient Dining Programs

Our patient dining programs fit the unique needs of your patients and aligns with your overall culture to help drive your patient satisfaction scores. At a time when patients lack a sense of control, our program enables them to regain some of that by making their own meal selections. It’s a difference they remember and appreciate. Our dining program offers a simplified menu designed to enhance patient satisfaction and streamline processes to ensure on-time, accurate and correct-temperature meal delivery – each day.

In-room patient dining
Our proprietary nutritional database is at the heart of our patient specific nutritional program design. 
Today, patients are increasingly aware that the food they consume can positively impact their wellbeing. Our cooking process ensures most of the valuable nutrients, flavour and textures are retained.

Room service

Food is so much more than sustenance. They are stories rooted in emotion, nostalgia, provenance, and authenticity. Our food program offers enhanced variety and choice. Our chefs have thoughtfully innovated and curated dishes with nutrition and taste at the heart of our offerings.

With a quick phone call or app-based ordering, patients get the freshly prepared food they want when they want it. Like a full-service restaurant, Medirest dining associates visit patients, take their menu orders, and deliver their meals. With the help of our user-friendly ordering app, dining associates know which food is appropriate for each patient based on their diet requirements, nutritional information, and food allergens.
Having this room service option and enhanced variety makes a patient feel more in control of their wellbeing and dining experience.